Thursday, September 30, 2010

Beyond the Bull #3

John Dissed (of Bull Lee and the Bull Pit Podcast) and I discuss downsizing, regretting our music snobbery, Nirvana ripping off Boston and Devo, being embarrassed to like Journey, Henry Rollins and Black Flag secretly loving arena rock, and the sweetness of Johnny Rotten. We also play some sweet jams and some sucky jams.

All donations until the next episode will go to Jasper Borgman, of The Good Clean Fun Show and The Plan Nine Rock Show, recent victim of a moving company scam.

Artists Featured: Why?, School Knights, Talking Heads, Boston, Journey, Black Flag, Devo, Public Image Ltd, Cedric Bixler Zavala, and Ryan Adams!

For more on John Dissed:

Correction(s): The singer of Jawbreaker was Blake Schwarzenbach, not Blake Schwartzbach. OSB regrets the error.
Henry Rollins' company is called 2.13.61, not 3.14.61 or whatever I said.
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