Wednesday, February 24, 2010

OSB #3 Podcast!

One Step Beyond Radio Podcast #3 will rock you with the usual shenanigans and tomfoolery, plus jams from The Soft Pack, Scissors for Lefty, The Strange Boys, Dillinger Four, Swarm of Bats, Dead Kennedys, a special installment of "Read This Book!" and much, much more. Become a fan at!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

OSB Radio Podcast #2!

One Step Beyond Radio Podcast #2! Jeremiah talks about time in the hospital, reads some listener hate mail, and plays some sweet jams! Check out new stuff from Pizza!, Pomegranates, Patrick Bower & the World without Magic, old stuff from J Church, The Descendents, Bad Religion, and much, much more! Check it!

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

#1 One Step Beyond Radio Podcast

I'm Jeremiah, a rock geek always in search of new sounds, old sounds, rare sounds, etc. I've got a sense of humor, I'm cute, and I like long walks on the beach. As for the show, I don't know what I'm doing, but that's part of the fun! I rock your face off with a mix of the newest jams, lost classics, and random nostalgia unearthed from deep in my personal archives. What will you hear this week? Punk from the 70's? Outlaw country? Happy rap? You'll never know if you don't tune in! In addition to the fantabulous OSB podcast, you can also catch me every Saturday night from 9-11 EST at (or 91.1 FM for those in the Michiana area).

One Step Beyond
Podcast #1
1. "Rise"--AutoVaughn
2. "So Slowly"--Early Day Miners
3. "Your Perfect Crime"--Giant Killing Missile
4. "Nothing to See Here (Killing Time)"--Bull Lee
5. "You Can't Wrap Your Arms Around a Memory"--John Dissed
6. "Personality Crisis" (Original 12" single)--New York Dolls
7. "Hurricane"--Kid Russell
8. "Born On a Saturday Night"--Mean Jeans
9. "Wasted"--Mary Shelley Overdrive
10. "Too Too Bad"--Wilson's Reservoir
11. "Academy Fight Song" (live at MIT)--Mission of Burma
12. "Hang Slowly"--People's Temple Youth Group
13. "I Forgot the Flowers"--Regular Guys

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